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Fan Zone

What's a Parson?
A Parson is a holy person who teaches independently of a larger organization, like Paul from The Bible. Oftentimes known as a character from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the Parson recites a sermon on the subject of sin and penitence. Since it is the final story of the book, many critics argue it as best. In context of this institution, it represents the individual integrity and courage to be independent that we all try to embody here at Snead. Moreover, the Parson symbolizes the fervor necessary to persevere in the face of great adversity. Snead State’s history dates back to 1898, when Snead State was a seminary school.

The Parson Pit
The Parson Pit student cheering section began in 2005 as a project of the SSCC Ambassadors and still continues today. The purpose is to provide encouragement and support to the College’s athletic teams during games.

Alma Mater
Dear Alma Mater, thy tow’ring pine trees rise
High on the mountains ‘neath Alabama’s skies.
Work, play and fellowship, our all we share with thee;
Onward you lead us to noble destiny.
Dear Alma Mater, united now we stand,
Proudly to serve thee with heart and mind and hand.
Our voices echo o’er lakes and fields of white;
Our hands in faith we join and follow in thy light.
Dear Alma Mater, thy praise we sing anew;
Always thy virtues will guide us straight and true.
Though we may leave thee, forever say adieu
Still Alma Mater, our hearts belong to you.

Fight Song
Fight on for dear old Snead State
Tradition and honor the same.
Glory, glory to the gold and blue
We will fight for you!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Stand up and shout for vict’ry.
We’ll cheer till the end of time.
The gold and blue is fearless and true
So fight, Snead, fight!
Fight, Snead, fight!